What is a Sound Bath?

Crystal bowls, voice, chimes and sometimes other instruments are used to create a peaceful, relaxing “vibrational bath” of sound waves that “wash” over each person with the musical and vibrational invitation to relax, release, soothe and center our bodies, emotions and minds.

Enjoy a lovely evening of improvised Crystal Singing Bowl Music in a reclining position, often a yoga mat with supportive props. Comfortable clothes assist the relaxation. Perhaps you might use an eye mask. Each host will specify what they supply and what to bring. Bringing own mat and props is always a plus. Events can last from 20 to 90 minutes, personalized for the person or group.


Why Crystal Singing Bowls?

We are vibrational, rhythmic beings. Every molecule in our bodies is made up of vibrating rhythms from the smallest quark to our heart beat and breath. When our body’s vibrations are even and steady, our system is in healthy balance and we feel well.

Quartz crystals have long been used in electronics because of their steady, reliable vibrations. Did you know that our bodies are highly similar the structure of crystals?
Quartz is crystalline. Water is a crystalline structure. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, a crystalline structure.

Stress, be it physical, emotional, mental, causes our bodies to trigger the “fight or flight” response: locking down our breath, stiffening our bodies, preparing us to fight, freeze or flee. The body’s vibrational rhythms are no longer balanced and steady, and we no longer feel well.

Steady, even quartz crystal vibrations entrain the body to their more even rhythm. Our bodies WANT to be even and centered. Our bodies gravitate to the even vibration of the crystal singing bowls and aim to match them. The more relaxed and steady we vibrate, the more balanced and centered we feel.

Music is powerful. It is vibrational energy you can hear. Simply remember a favorite song, and very likely, you are transported to that time when you first enjoyed it, and feel those same feelings. Music moves us, helps us learn and restore. Music vibrations transcend verbal languages.

Combine the beauty and wide vibrational spectrum of music, with the steady, calming, even vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Listeners are vibrationally invited to release stress, relax the body, calm the nerves, center, and breathe. Peace. Tranquility. Serenity.


What Are The Bowls Made Of?

Sound Bath Serenity uses only Crystal Tones, Inc. pure alchemy crystal singing bowls. They are 99.999%% pure quartz crystal, sourced from the United States. The crystal has been ground down, fused with a wide variety of precious gemstones, rare crystals, earths, and/or precious metals to create specific vibrations, each enhanced by the specific addition. Hence, the term used “alchemy.” They are poured into a mold and fired at an extremely high temperature in a proprietary process. Each bowl is unique, in size, color, pitch, and vibration, and cannot be duplicated. They are one of a kind.


What Is The Mallet Made Of?

The mallet is the most often used tool. It is a hollow rubber tube, with suede on the outside, except the edges. The bowls can be held, or they sit on a rubber ring.


Where can I find my own bowl mate?

Finding your bowl mate is an exploration and adventure. It is a blessing to have guidance! (See our “Diann Recommends” section for references.)