Explore the Expansive Power of Music and Sound

Center  ~  Integrate  ~  Express


Is there anything more powerful than music to move the soul? Music is unparalleled in its power to make us feel the rainbow of human emotions. It expands our very being. It can soothe us when we are stressed, evoke cherished memories, uplift and inspire us. Whether played by a magical Crystal Bowl or sung as a heartfelt song, music has the power to move us from where we are to another place. Would you like to hear beautiful calming music? Would you like to more easily raise your own voice in song? Would you like to delve deeper into the world of authenticity?

I invite you to explore the offerings below. In a lifetime of over 50 years in music, the three offerings below are my favorite musical and energy-vibration loves. Come on in and explore!

Sound Bath Serenity 

Crystal Singing Bowl Music for the Soul

Sound Baths:

Private & Collaborations

Sound Bath Serenity. The deep vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls provide a vibrational “sea of sound” where we can release stress, relax our minds, restore balance to our physical, mental and emotional selves. Learn about Crystal Singing Bowls, Sound Baths and how they can relieve stress and restore balance. You can even arrange a Sound Bath at your location. Come on in, the vibrational “water” is warm!


Healthy Singing    

Artistry ~ Technique ~ Authenticity

Voice Lessons, Performance Workshops

Teacher/Director Seminars

Healthy Singing. The singing voice is the expression of the soul. It is the vibration between thought and matter. Singing is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves to express, communicate, uplift, create, rejoice! Are there tried and true techniques to learn to sing more easily? You bet! Helping singers discover the most sound for the least effort is my life’s work. Would you like to sing more easily? Would you directors like your section leaders to have more tools? Welcome! Let’s sing!

Sound Energy Flow

Balancing Breath, Body, Mind, and Spirit

Individual and

Group Session

Sound Energy Flow is a special offering from 50 years of teaching. Music can connect the mind, body, soul and spirit … a true Sound Energy Flow. True artistry and authenticity result when these aspects are melded together. Combining the brilliant work of Dr. Sue Morter’s Energy Codes with my 50 years of music, Sound Energy Flow offers practical tools and cutting edge Quantum techniques to assist the mind, body, breath and spirit join together and become who you truly are. This is authenticity. This is your gift to the world. Ready to journey?


Crystal bowls, voice, chimes and sometimes other instruments are used to create a peaceful, relaxing “vibrational bath” of sound waves that “wash” over each person with the musical and vibrational invitation to relax, release, soothe and center our bodies, emotions and minds.