I help heart-centered entrepreneurs, speakers and coaches conquer stage fright and master stage confidence so they can make more money from speaking

I am Diann… Confidence Catalyst

Welcome to a realm where fear is transformed into a source of strength and every word you speak resonates with unwavering confidence. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, speaker, or coach, your message holds immense power, yet stage fright can dim that brilliance.

I am dedicated to guiding you through this transformation.

Imagine yourself stepping onto the stage with a sense of excitement, your message flowing effortlessly, and your presence commanding the room. This is the reality I’m here to help you achieve – by conquering stage fright and mastering stage confidence.

My mission is simple: I’ll equip you with proven techniques to dissolve fear, refine your presence, and amplify your impact. Together, we’ll unveil your authentic voice and craft compelling performances that captivate any audience.

This journey is more than personal growth – it’s about financial prosperity. Confident speaking opens doors to new opportunities and higher earnings. From captivating presentations to commanding larger fees, your investment in stage confidence will yield dividends in your career.

Discover the power of your voice, navigate body language nuances, and become a captivating storyteller. Unleash your potential, break free from fear, and elevate your success. Your path to confident, impactful communication starts now.

Are you ready to own the stage and amplify your influence?

Join me on this transformative journey today.

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 The BEST Speaker Isn’t The One With The Perfect Formula.


 The BEST Speaker Is A Confident Speaker That…

… Can Authentically Be Themselves On Stage


 … Creates TRUE Connection With the Audience


 … Can Be In The Moment & Create From Inspiration

We Help Our Clients Become Highly Confident & Converting Speakers By Mastering 3 Things:  


In a realm where authenticity reigns supreme, we guide our clients towards confident and converting speaking. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the cornerstone of impactful communication. By delving deep into your unique story, values, and perspectives, we help you unleash the power of your true self on the stage. Your authenticity becomes your greatest asset, forging genuine connections that resonate long after the spotlight fades.


In a world thirsty for genuine connections, our approach to confident speaking goes beyond the surface. We understand that connection is the heartbeat of impactful presentations. Through our techniques, you’ll not only master the art of public speaking but also create an unbreakable bond with your audience. We empower you to bridge the gap between the stage and the hearts of those listening, leaving a lasting imprint that sparks real change.


Unlock the art of confident and converting speaking by mastering three essential elements, including creativity. Our philosophy embraces the power of imagination and innovation in every presentation. We believe that creativity infuses life into your words, making them memorable and engaging. With our guidance, you’ll explore fresh ways to tell your story, captivate your audience’s attention, and leave them inspired long after the applause ends.


Diann Alexander is a Voice & Performance Coach, Confidence Catalyst, Energy Codes® Certified Master Trainer, and Amazon best-selling author, (Leverage Your Expertise). Diann specializes in the extraordinary Energy Codes (c) created by Dr. Sue Morter and is a Master Trainer and B.E.S.T. Practitioner. Her prized Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl “orchestra” will be making a lovely and calming appearance during her talk. Why this combo for confidence? You’ll have to come and see!