Healthy Singing


What do you think of?

Beautiful music? Wonderful sensations? Fabulous memories?  Self expression?


If I could only sing better … I get hoarse too quickly … I don’t know what to do when I sing …

Singing is a fundamental expression of the soul.  It is a wonderful release and an intrinsically natural art form.

Yet, why don’t we sing more? 

“Oh, I’m not good enough.”  

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m scared people will laugh.”

Singing is for EVERYONE!

Singing is for EVERYONE!

The pure enjoyment of feeling that sound run through you whether in the shower or on the stage is reason enough to sing!

Do you want to know more?

Perhaps sing better? Or if you’re already a pro, perhaps enjoy it for a change?

Benefits of Healthy Singing

Singing elevates the spirit!

Singing is fun!

inging is a healthy way to let out stress!

Singing requires more oxygen which helps to cleanse the blood to give you energy! 

Singing requires good posture, so your muscles, nerves, and organs can work more efficiently and help you feel better! 
Ancient arts hold that musical tones and vowels resonate various “energy centers” of the body giving you a literal “tune-up!”

Singing is an effective way to wake up expressive feelings!

Singing has a community activity, promotes goodwill, co-operation and togetherness. 

Singing different kinds of music explores different aspects of ourselves.

Singing gets us more in touch with ourselves physically, acoustically, mentally, soulfully!

Singing develops confidence, poise, and communication, which carry to job skills.

Singing develops a lasting appreciation for the arts.

Singing is wonderful for ALL ages!

Vocal instructor and founder of Healthy Voice Studio loves to teach!

 Beginning her music teaching career at age 15, Diann has progressed through a varied performance-filled career, earning two Master of Music degrees in Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy (the science of teaching) with honors.  She was on the music faculties of Pepperdine University and California Lutheran University for many years teaching private voice and directing the CLU American Musical Theatre Ensemble; Other endeavors include 4th Vice President in charge of the Student Evaluation Program for the Los Angeles Chapter of National Association of Teachers of Singing for two terms; music director for several local theatres, most notably, Cabrillo Music Theatre and the Conejo Valley Arts Council’s Young Artist Ensemble; and past member of the Music Teachers Association of California.  An active and sought-after musician, having sung, acted, directed, performed and conducted numerous musicals, operas, concerts, solo acts; and having taught, coached, facilitated and adjudicated a wide variety of workshops, ensembles, individuals and college classes, Diann brings a wealth of experience to her students.

 “Learning should be positive, fun and enjoyable!  The voice is a fascinating instrument, and learning to develop a healthy and artistic use of it is a wonder-full exploration  process. Singing well is such an expansive feeling and process.”

 Diann evolved her teaching approach through years of studying how people learn, and how master teachers teach.  Reasoning that night club musicians performing five and six nights a week had the biggest demands on their voices, she began working with them to effectively get “the most sound for the least amount of effort.”  Those same efficiency principles worked equally with all students–classical, theatrical, beginners and pros.

She heartily invites you to learn and  Sing!